“My call to you … ”
This annual publication, and supporting campaign, sets a bespoke stage for KU’s leaders and innovators to tell stories that affirm the institution’s upward trajectory. 
This year was particularly notable: Two United States Presidents visited the university, and KU was celebrating its Sesquicentennial year. Also impressive was a challenge issued to incoming students by Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little: Take on great academic and societal challenges. Our goal was to celebrate our achievements and continue to evolve the Chancellor’s Report to reflect best-in-class creative to an audience of national and state leaders, Kansas legislators, KU faculty and staff, alumni, and prospective students.
The Chancellor’s speeches throughout the year became the inspiration for our concept. Her speeches — which continued to urge students, faculty, and staff to step up to her challenge — became the framework of the report. In its entirety, it told the stories of Jayhawks who stepped up to her challenge. We focused on an integrated, multidimensional approach that allowed us to share individual stories.
Hand drawn quotes from the Chancellor’s speeches were infused throughout the printed report and provided context for different sections of the piece. Inside of the report, stories told how KU students, faculty, and alumni are stepping up to find solutions to the world’s problems. Photography helped capture the idea of KU in action.
An introduction video, featuring a number of the subjects from the report, was produced as an anthem piece and literal translation of the Chancellor’s words. 
Jim Thorp, professor of ecology & evolutionary biology and senior scientist with the Kansas Biological Survey, says we don’t yet have the insights to know how to properly manage entire river systems across the globe. He’s hoping to change that.
Foundation Faculty group portrait
Rich Glor, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and associate curator at the Biodiversity Institute, is proud to be a part of the rich history of herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians, at KU. Through the efforts of our world-renowned curators and researchers like Glor, KU has one of the top five herpetological collections in the United States and is one of the top-ranked doctoral programs of herpetology.
Because of the sheer amount of content, the website was developed to be as clear and easy to digest as possible. Additional photography and videos, gave our audience richer content to digest and share.
Social content filled out the report and drove our audience to read or watch more, share their favorite stories, and comment. A robust social plan — both paid and organic — expanded our reach thanks to new Facebook and Instagram marketing opportunities, as well as Twitter marketing.
KU Marketing
Videography: Tim Seley, Andrew Lee
Photography: Meg Kumin
Direction: Melody Alexander
Copywriter: Melody Alexander, Dave Toplikar
Art direction: Patrick Giroux
Designer: Patrick Giroux
Editors: Deb Graber, Lois Sierra
Social manager: Kathleen McCurry
Developers: Joe Morgan, Madhavi Rainikindi
Lettering: Amber Goodvin

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